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Study in Germany

Country Facts



356,970 sq km

German, English

ReligionRoman Catholic, Protestant


Why study in Germany

German Universities and educational Institutes always keep international students in their mind whenever they design or renew their educational curriculum and all other related agenda. Educational instruction is optional so that one can choose English as medium of instruction while the environment encourages learning German language without imposing in with English but end up their Masters' program in the German language. A great number of study-abroad aspirants from all over the world choose Germany for their higher studies. The Federal Government of Germany supports and attracts international students by offering wide choice of fields of study.

Germany has a lot to offer to foreign students, be they first-year students or postgraduates. Germany's universities combine age-old traditions with modern technologies. More than 300 universities exist.

Universities here combine research and study. They've been the scene of many groundbreaking discoveries and they're internationally renowned. German universities attract faculty and students from around the world. Modern German universities also combine theoretical work with its practical application.They both educate and train - basic research is augmented by applied research. Interdisciplinary cooperation is common and many of them cooperate closely with multinational firms and with other research institutes in Germany and abroad. In the end, this increases the graduates' chances on the job market.

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